How To Adjust Bow Sights Left And Right [Step-By-Step Guide]

Have you ever think of the difference between precision and accuracy? Accuracy is referred to hitting where your aim while precision is hitting the same spot at all times.

Every archery or shooter needs precision and accuracy before they could be satisfied with their shootings. In order to achieve precision, good form and equipment are very crucial.

However, accuracy is much easier. Just move your sight until the arrows hit where you aim. If you want to buy your bow, the professional in the archery shop will assist you to adjust your sight.

Yet, it is a skill that must be mastered by yourself more so that you will have to make fine sighting adjustments and will likely need to shoot longer distances when you are outside. Also, it is nice to understand how to carry out basic work on your bow.

If you want to tighten up your sight due to the pesky loose screw, your best friend ever is Allen wrenches. It can easily fit inside a quiver pocket.

Most sights require an Allen wrench to lose the screws for adjustments. Use Allen wrenches for your bow and other accessories. Choose a set next time you visit an archery store and ask the pro for a particular one that will help you adjust your sight and also use it for other accessories.

Start Close

If you want to adjust your sights for the three arrow average, it is very important to minimize the effects of any mistake that might come from you.

If you are able to shoot three arrows into a tight group, then you have mastered the toughest aspect of precision. If you want to start the adjustment process, you need to stand very close to the target for easy shooting of three arrows into a group.

A group is a cluster of arrows that strike close to each other in the target. Now, where are the three arrows?

By adjusting your sights for the three arrow average, you minimize the effects of human mistake. If you can shoot three arrows into a tight group, you have mastered the toughest area of precision. Then, adjust your sight to get accuracy.

How To Adjust Bow Sights
Left and Right

When your arrows group to the left, then you have to move your sight to the left. But if your arrows hit to the right, what you need to do is move your sight to the right.

First and foremost, adjust your horizontal plane. If the arrows group to the left, then you have to move your sight to the left and if your arrows hit to the right, then move your sight to the right.

To assist in recalling the way to move your sight, just imagine adjusting it until it covers your group. Just carry out little adjustments until you are satisfied with the distance of your sight.

Do not forget that those distances that are very close require greater and strong adjustments before you can get the expected result. Farther distances require smaller adjustments before seeing the results.

Adjust Bow Sights
Up and Down

Do not forget that you want to follow your arrow group. Now make your vertical adjustments. In case you use a sight with multiple pins, set the top pin as the closest distance and the bottom pin as the farthest.

Using a single pin sight will enable you to keep track of your settings by marking the sight tape.  As regards, your horizontal adjustments, trace the arrows with your sight. If the arrows hit high, move your sight up.

If your arrows hit low, move your sight down. It is as simple and easy as that. If you want to shoot to farther distances, keep moving away from the target until you run out of pins or your groups become inconsistent.

To sight in takes some guess and check. Do not be discouraged for any wrong adjustment you make or try to perfect the adjustment of the sight. All you can do is to keep making small adjustments and concentrate on making good shots.

If you also visit the archery shop, the professional there will surely direct you on how to adjust sights left and right. Better still; you can go through the instructional manual, you can follow instruction as written. It is very easy to understand.

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