How To Aim A Compound Bow With A Peep Sight [Step-By-Step Guide]

There are various types of archery bows that are highly useful for small game hunting and sport. Your choice of archery bow is based on your experience.

If you are a student archer, you will always begin with a re-curve bow due to the fact that it is very light and will not need much strength. But as a professional that is full of years of experience with stronger arm muscles, compound bow archery will be your best choice.

Compound bows make use of a system of pulleys, cams, and cables that enhance the shooter or archer to hold the draw weight of the arrow much longer than necessary without too much use of the arm muscles.

This implies perfect accuracy in the shot. The bows used are less convincible to alter the temperature hence; accuracy and velocity are not affected when compared to a conventional bow system such as the recurve.

How To Aim A Compound Bow With A Peep Sight

If your aim is off, all these features could mean little but it is essential to follow particular steps when aiming. A peep sight on a compound bow is a very helpful feature that assists with your aim.

If you have a compound bow that does not have peep sight, then you need to learn more about it. When you are learning how to sight in a compound bow with the aid of peep sight, take precise measures so as to ensure that your aim is on target.

Relax Your Body

If your forearm is under tension and stiff, it is very hard to aim a bow rightly at a target. If you can stretch out your arms, back and neck, they will help you loosen up and this could go a long way to help you in the target shots consistency.

Many tricks and tips can be found on the internet that can help you get the best and high-quality stance for your compound bow. Just make a little but thorough research, practice with various strategies to get the correct one for yourself.

Holding the Bow

Hold the bow and ensure that you are comfortable when holding it. Your bow must not cause arm fatigue. The handle of the bow must rest on your thumb and your hand must be clasped firmly below it.

Drawing the Bow

As you are drawing the bow, your wrist and hand must relax and the arrow must be marked on the string and brought back to line up with the anchor point on your face.

These points are normally the nose tip, mouth edge and the side of your face which your hand touches when drawing the string. If you are able to practice this technique consistently, it will be part of you and earn you accurate shots more consistently.

Compound Bow With A Peep Sight z
View Your target through the Peep Sight

Peep sight is regarded as a small ring that is connected to your bow’s string and rested at your eye level. This peep sight must be attached to make it easier to look through as soon as you have pulled your bow.

The small ring must be large enough to have a full view of your target. You might want the peep sight small enough to let pinpoint accuracy when focusing on your target meanwhile, large enough to keep in view your forward sight and target.

Remember Keeping the Forward Sight in View

How to aim a compound bow with a peep sight is keeping your forward sight and target in view when you aim. The forward sight is bigger and used in tandem with the peep sight so as to adjust your focus on your target. The larger sight is very ideal in low light conditions more so that you can get a wider perspective on your target. In this manner, your aim will be the most perfect even when the sun begins to set. By making use of the two sights will help increase the time quantity when carrying out target practice.

how to aim a bow with sight pins
Distance Range Between Your Peep Sight and Forward Sight

Every professional shooter or archer has the full understanding that the greater the distance between your peep sight and your forward sight, then the more accurate your shot will be. This particular distance could be adjusted on any compound bow without stress and make sure that there are consistency and accuracy in the shots made by the bow.

Close One Eye When Aiming

Many experienced shooters or archers believed that closing an eye when aiming a bow will provide the shooter with greater accuracy. The reason is that it makes the target clearer when trying to focus.

There are lots of pros when using the two eyes when you are making your shot including the greater depth perception. By making use of one eye could restrict you from getting a wider view of your target, therefore, making use of the two eyes lets you have a greater field of view and any strange movements of the arrow that require adjustment.

Set the Pin Correctly

The forward sight on your compound bow is designed with various pins that mark off the distance you are from your targets. Most of the pins marked 20 yards, 30 yards and many more.

Therefore, if you have a good knowledge of the distance, you can adjust your bow in order to make the pin aligned in the center of your target.

This is to help in correcting any differences that could occur when you release your arrow. But if you are doubtful about the distance, then it is ideal to practice with the pins with the same distances prior taking your final shot.

One rule of thumb is not just to release the arrow when the pin is aligned but to relax and allow the pin to float thereby giving you the best aiming.

In conclusion, how to aim a compound bow with a peep sight could be very easy for any shooter or archer if you can follow the above steps and instructions.

The most effective way to get an accurate shot with a compound bow is to use your peep sight effectively by keeping the forward sight and target in view as you are also aligning for distance.

You can also improve your accuracy by making sure that you relax and hold the bow comfortably. Make sure you make constant practice as you aim through the peep sight and try various sizes and placements on the string to ensure that you have the correct one for your needs.