Best Bow Sights For Deer Hunting

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A top-quality bow sight can easily make a huge difference when it comes to how well you can shoot. This begins with being absolutely and easily micro-adjustable. It must be bomb-proof and discover the number of pins with which you are comfortable.

In case it is a mover, it should be simply moved gently and smoothly to the extent that there is no hint of clunk to it. Your bow sight must be as bright as it is needed for you to see your pin with ease in high light, low light, ground blinds when the morning is foggy and any other challenging conditions.

5 Best Bow Sights for Deer Hunting

To crown it all, a bow sight must work with your style of shooting. In fact, this is one of the great impalpable that is not understandable until summer comes or during the shooting season.

The right bow sight for your shooting style and hunting condition will be of help in filling more tags. You can easily accomplish this via brighter pins, a decluttered sight window or a movable sight that facilitates more focusing options.

Below are the five best bow sights for deer hunting for you:

1. Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight

Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight

Garmin Xero A1 is one of the best models on the market for deer hunting. This digital bow sight comes up with a heap of stunning features. One of the best things about this digital bow sight is that it is featured with a laser range finder that can measure the distance automatically. 

The Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight is also equipped with LED pins for the shot. These LED pins will allow you to clearly observe your target. Moreover, this deer hunting bow sight is fitted with a silent single-button trigger, which requires a minimal movement to shoot out the target. 

With this great bow sight, you can set the range up to 100 yards for practicing games. You also can set the rage up to 300 yards for the reflective targets or aims. Another remarkable thing is that you can customize it for one-pin as well as multi-pin configurations. It also can be customized for manual pin selection. This bow sight is featured with 2 lithium AAA batteries, which is not included. You have to buy it separately. 

2. IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Range Finding Sight

 IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Range Finding Sight

The IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Range Finding Sight is a top-quality bow sight for hunting. The bow sight has a rich set of features. The model boasts with the Retina Lock Technology. The IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Range Finding Sight is featured with 3 digit OLED Display. Apart from the Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display, the model incorporates blue yardage as well as a yellow battery indicator. It also comes up with 2 min scan mode.

The bow sight also allows you for external triggers with adhesive. For calibration, the model features individual dot visible laser. The IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Range Finding Sight features micro-adjustable pins. It also comes up with a precision bubble level. More importantly, the model includes tool-less adjustment features. It also features 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. The bow sight also comes up with a built-in sight light that has 5 brightness levels. It is powered by a CR-2 battery. Best of all, you can increase your range and confidence.

3. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

With the Trophy Ridge Pursuit, you can experience limitless shooting. Its adjustable vertical indicator pin lets you dial-in the particular yardage required for different environmental situations both silently and smoothly. For more experienced archers, this bow sight will offer tighter groups and more accurate shots.

This product could be very hard for the beginners to sight in most especially when you are not familiar with the estimating yardage. However, the bow sight can be adjusted easily and very easy to install on your bow. Apart from other features stated above, other neat inclusions are adjustable brightness feature and go-indicator pins for changes in light condition.

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight Best Bow Sights For Deer Hunting


  • Have ultra-precise adjustment technology
  • Delrin bushings for smooth, quiet movement and no metal-to-metal contact
  • Adjustable brightness feature included
  • Has rheostat light
  • Includes glo-indicator pins for changing light conditions
  • Has 0.019 single pin
  • Absolutely durable aluminum material


  • Lack of sight tape
  • Take a while to sight in for some hunters
  • Lack of instructional materials

4. Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight

The producers of Trophy Ridge React bow sight uses the Smart Pin Technology of Trophy Ridge that lets the most accurate sighting from 20 to 80 yards visible. This tool helps all kinds of hunters to improve their shooting most especially at long distances. It is super easy to use and install on your bow if the instruction is properly followed. Apart from its excellent sighting technology, it is made of Ballistix copolymer system and it is tool-less.

Best Bow Sights For Deer Hunting Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight


  • Has smart pin technology
  • Micro-adjustment
  • Made of lightweight
  • Durable material, Ballistix copolymer system
  • Has rheostat light
  • 019 fiber optic pins
  • Pins are very bright in natural light
  • Has many mounting holes for versatility purpose


  • Could be complicated to set up the long pins

5. Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight

This is made up of five ultra-bright 0.019-inch medium horizontal fiber optic pins for ultimate visibility. For customizability, there are offset mounting holes. The bow sight is properly aligning shots with the precision installed bubble level. The green hood accent is designed for quicker sight acquisition. Its reversible mount design utilizes with left and right-hand bows.

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight Best Bow Sights For Deer Hunting


  • The bow sight is very good for the beginners
  • Pins are pretty bright and very easy to adjust
  • It is made up of aluminum at the price of most plastic sights
  • Reliable for hunting
  • Feels sturdy and lights up well


  • Screws are of low quality

Factors to Consider Before Buying Bow Sights

  • Shooting

Actually, your major reason for buying a bow sight is its ability to help you improve in your shootings, including the extent of features of bow sight products that will make it much easier to shoot precisely and accurately.

  • Easy to Use

Another factor you need to put into consideration in a bow sight is it’s easy to use. When you are on the field, you will not want your bow sight that is too difficult to adjust or sight in. therefore, prior to your purchase of bow sight, check the features of the product and find out whether it will let you do easy adjustments, replacement, and sighting in. make sure that your bow sight scale through this particular factor. This implies that your hunting experience will be an enjoyable one.

  • Adjustable Light Setting

Ability to allowing you to see your target in low-light.

  • Durability

Check the product material

  • Adjustment Knobs
  • Yardage tapes
  • Pinguard

Final Verdict:

All the bow sights we highlighted above has a rich set of features. they all are made with trending technology. With any model of these 5 best bow sights, you can hunt deer or other prey easily. IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Range Finding Sight is our top pick as it has loads of impressive features. Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight is another great option. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight is not so good for beginners, but it can be a great option for intermediate and expert hunters.

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