Best Bow Sights For The Money

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If you are bow hunting, each and every one of your shots will count and you will need to depend on the accuracy of the shots that you make.

Your arrow accuracy will not just come from your practice and sharpening of your skills in archery but will as well have exceptional equipment such as choosing the best bow sight in the market.

If you are an archer that takes part in competitions or you are a hunter that stalks small or medium game, you need to invest in a bow sight because of the higher extent of your consistency with every shot matters.

Below are the three best bow sights for the money which you can make the right selection from:

1. Garmin Xero A1i 2” Bow Sight

Are you aware of the range and exact pin shooting with the least movement that Garmin XeroA1i can perform? This bow sight is the first bow-mounted digital laser rangefinders.

It consists of target display systems that can measure the angle-compensated distance to your particular target. It is able to offer an LED pin for the shot even on those yardages that are in-between.

Just one button trigger can give you range at rest or absolute draw to game up to 100 yards away or as well be a reflective target of about 300 yards.

Garmin Xero A1i 2” Bow Sight best bow sights for the money


  • Ability to be mounted directly to your bow
  • No need of fumbling with a different rangefinder or guess about the kind of pin to use
  • It requires minimal movement when stillness and stealth are critical
  • Has additional information that can assist in boosting the shooter’s performance
  • Let you save pin settings for different configurations of your bow


  • No disadvantage Found

2. Apex Gear Covert Pro Green PWR-Dot Sight

The Apex Gear Covert is all you need if you are looking for a crossbow. This is one of the great product that has an illuminated power dot technology together with GRAVITY-LINE Technology.

Mounting is not difficult and the adjustment is very easier. Meanwhile, it is highly super bright and functions perfectly in any low light situation. This is to let you know that, it has the ability to work during the day even when the battery is extremely flat.

You do not need to turn on the LED too bright light conditions before it could give you a perfect function.

best bow sights for the money Apex Gear Covert Pro Green PWR-Dot Sight


  • This is super bright
  • No need of switching on the LED during the day, you can shoot even in the dark with the dead battery
  • Functions perfectly
  • Targeting is very easy
  • The green dot is ideal for perfection
  • When it comes to assembling and installation, it is just a piece of cake to every other user
  • First and foremost, it offers absolute accuracy which cannot be matched with anything


  • It has no advantages but rather good for its purpose.

3. Axcel Archery Sights Axcel AccuTouch Carbon Pro Sight with X-31 Scope

Are you looking for excellent bow sight for the money? The Axcel AccuTouch Carbon Pro Sight with X-31 sight is obviously a considerable model. You can practice different styles of shooting with this efficient bow sight.

One of the best things is that the model is featured with .010″ or .019″ green fiber. It also features a 1-¾” scope to ensure accuracy while shooting for longer distances. It is also featured with a click system that allows you to set it at specified distances.

Moreover, the Axcel AccuTouch Carbon Pro Sight features 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustments that allow you to shoot with high accuracy. It is also featured with the micro-adjust windage that is locked into place until you disconnect the windage lock button.

In addition, the model is outfitted with 6″ carbon bar with a dovetail mount that helps to match housing perfectly with your peep. It is also equipped with the side tension bar for adjusting the slider depending on your needs. The model also incorporates a 45° facing sight tape. It is an ideal option for both left-handed and right-handed users as well.


Axcel X-31 features 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustments.
1-¾” scope for long-distance accuracy.
Click system for setting specified distances.
6” carbon bar with dovetail mount.
A side tension bar for adjusting the slider.
A 45° facing sight tape.

4. IQ Bowsights Define 5 Pin Range Finder Sight

Are you looking for the bow sight with the most accurate target? Do not look further! The IQ bow sight Define 5 Pin is here with features of cutting-edge Retina Lock Technology. This feature enhances its uniqueness and helps every user to make more accurate shots by getting rid of torque and inconsistent anchor points. To crown it all, it will enable you to develop as an archer and shooter. Besides, it will also give you a blast to shoot.

IQ Bowsights Define 5 Pin Range Finder Sight best bow sights for the money


  • Retina Lock Technology boosts accuracy
  • A fun sight to shoot
  • Huge construction
  • Micro adjustment


  • Does not have color options for pins
  • Small bubble level
With the above three best bow sights for the money, you can easily become a professional shooter. Indeed, the bow sight worth their prices.

5. ProHunter Sights Cyclops Archery Sight

ProHunter Sights Cyclops Archery Sight

If you are looking for a high-quality bow sight for the money, then surely the Cyclops Archery Sight is a great option for you. It comes up with heavy-duty design and construction. It is made up of top-quality aluminum with a rock-solid design that makes it really durable.

One of the most things is that it is featured with 40″ of .029 green fiber. Moreover, it features 1-¾” ID scope housing. The bow sight is compact and lightweight, so you can use it conveniently. It weighs only 3.5 oz. Another important thing is that it is featured with a green acquisition ring as well as a yellow level.


  • As it is compact and lightweight, it is easy to use for beginners.
  • Comes with a durable design and construction.
  • Made up of super-quality aluminum with rock-solid design.

What to Put Into Consideration before Making Your Purchase

  • Anatomy of the Bow Sight

The quality bow sight is just a piece of equipment mounted on a riser of the bow. The bow sight serves the same way that sight on the rifle or pistol still functions by offering the shooter the ability to aim at a shot with greater precision.

  • Bow Sight Styles

There are three major styles of bow sights that you can select from and each of them with different features. The three main types are fixed, moveable and the pendulum or treestand bow sights. The three styles result to different operations and one will frequently function better than the other in a particular scenario.

  • Pin and Sighting In

When you are hunting a game, it is very important to set the pins on your bow sight correctly more so that each oft eh pins shows the distance between you and the animal you are hunting. If you have many pins, the pins will have to be varied from one another at equal length or amount of distance.

  • Greater Visibility

If you are making use of sight for competition purposes, it is always easy to find the pins and where to adjust. Meanwhile, you are hunting, at times you will see yourself in low lighting or a place where your perspective is being skewed. In this case, some premium features are demanding that can improve your visibility you have to work when working with the exceptional bow sight.

  • Peep Sights

These are installed on the bowstring and the shooter can close one eye when using the other eye to peep through the hole at which any of the pins chooses to use when targeting a bow.

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