Five Best Compound Bow Sights

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Are you looking for the best compound bow sights with perfect features and specifications?

Without any doubt, it is much trickier to choose a single bow sight among the numerous brands and products available in the market. More so that there are many issues that could be bothering the users when the quality of the bow sight is not up to their expectations, the solution is not far-fetched.

Some top-rated and best bow compound bow sights are amazingly awesome in using, mounting and functioning. There is no ideal specification or features that are not embodied with these 5 bow sights.

Here Are Five Best Compound Bow Sights Review

Check them out below for your reviews and choose the right product without wasting your precious time.

1. TRUGLO Range Rover Pro Archer’s Choice LED 1-Pin Sight

The TRUGLO Range Rover Series is synonymous with the premium single pin archery sights. At the moment, there is even more reason to be enthusiastic about these beautifully simple and effective hunting tools.

Its innovative zero-in adjustment dial offers ultra-smooth, remarkably precise micro adjust elevation tuning, giving hunters an extra edge in difficult conditions.

This bow sight produced by TRUGLO is no different because their brand is one of the leading manufacturers of the most advanced sights and accessories.

The scope has a half-inch diameter circle and the green dot is housed in the center. The sight housing also accepts 1.87 inches even though you have to buy it.

In this product, you have a simplified setup of up to 40 yards of pre-marked yardage. It is definitely good for either left-handed or right-handed.

TRUGLO Range Rover Pro Archer’s Choice LED 1-Pin Sight


  • Eleven brightness settings for the dot sight
  • Generous field of view
  • Easy to sight in as there are no pins
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Micro adjustments for wind-age and elevation


  • No 3rd axis adjustments available for extreme shooting
  • The battery may dry up at the worst possible scenario

2. 3 Pin Bow Sight – Fiber, Brass Pin, Aluminum Machined

Are you looking for a best 3 pin bow sight that is ideal for a beginner or a professional hunter? Or you are looking for something that will not break the bank?

Then, 3 pin bow sight is your sure bet. It houses a plastic material and well made to last for a long period of time. It is designed with two adjustable vertical bars for right and left-handed shooters. Its markings are for windage and elevation.

Meanwhile, the pins are large and the fiber portion has a little length to get the adequate light collection.

Therefore, this will not be ideal for those that decide to use it in a low light condition. The level of this bow sight is super small and a bit hard to see.

3 Pin Bow Sight – Fiber, Brass Pin, Aluminum Machined


  • It comes with screws for easy mounting
  • Very perfect for any recurve or compound bow
  • Perfect for both right and left-handed shooters
  • Offers adjustments to height


  • Made of plastic materials
  • The pins are rather too large
  • The fiber portion has a little length to get an adequate light collection

3. IQ Bowsights Micro 3, 5 or 7 Compound Bow Sight

The IQ Bow sight micro 3, 5 or 7 pin compound bow archery sight is ideal for both beginners and professional shooters. It is indeed one of the best compound bow sights.

The reason behind this is the design is well-thought-out to take care of the needs of both seasoned and the beginner archers that want to hunt down deer. The design is made up of aluminum and comes with a fiber optic to maintain great brightness in every light condition.

Also, it has a Retina Lock Technology that allows you to shoot at long range distances while allowing you to ascertain the slightest anchor point change.

Whether you want to shoot from a treestand or on flat ground, the Retina lock will make sure that you have a consistent and more accurate shot no matter your shooting position. Test and research have shown that the Retinal Lock is not affected by the elevation.

The sight comes with 3, 5 or 7 fiber optic pins that are easily adjustable. Therefore, that implies that you can use any number of pins you think will be best for you.

IQ Bowsights Micro 3, 5 or 7 Compound Bow Sight


  • Adjusting each of the pins is very easy and nice
  • Secured gang adjustments
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced shooters
  • Works great and the pins light up pretty well


  • The windage adjustment knobs can cause a bit of noise and vibration

 4. Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight

The Trophy Ridge Fix Series sight offers anywhere five pins. If you are shooting a projectile at close range, then the top will be used while targeting.

The bottom pin is used for longer distances. We suggest setting each individual pin prior to heading out on your next hunting adventure unless you know how to set these in a short amount of time.

When setting each pin, you must come up with five distances that will not be hard to recall.

Most hunters will do this by using particular increments but it will depend on the type of hunting you are doing each time out.

Five Best Compound Bow Sights  Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight


  • Pin adjustment tool stores on sight
  • Adjust brightness to suit any shooting condition with the rheostat light
  • Heightened accuracy over longer distances with second-axis adjustment
  • Ultimate visibility with ultra-bright 0.019 horizontal fiber optic pins
  • The dependable precision with micro-adjustable pins


  • It is for right handed only

5. TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Micro Adjust 5 Pin Bow Sight

This is the first and the only archery sight constructed with the optimum combination of carbon composites and aluminum, providing an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and unparalleled durability.

It has Carbon hybrid and TRUGLO TRU TOUCH combinations. Extra-long fibers for maximum brightness

Five Best Compound Bow Sights  TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Micro Adjust 5 Pin Bow Sight


  • Light weighted carbon composite and aluminum construction
  • Hybrid construction transfers less vibration
  • Interchangeable colored vibration dampening inserts
  • Unique metal pin design for increased durability and brightness
  • Extra long fibers for maximum brightness
  • Extra long bracket increases sight radius
  • Good for the shooter with left and right handed
  • Micro-adjustable
  • Standard adjustment
  • Patent pending


  • No disadvantages

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How to Sight on a Compound Bow with 3 Pin Sights

Sight on a Compound Bow with 3 Pin Sights

At the time of aiming at a bow, you should stick to the same type of arrow when aiming for a bow. The spine, the design of the point and the weight of the point influence the behavior of flight at all. You also have to ensure that the arch and string are broken in before you start seeing an arch. Sometimes it is more convenient to make your own target range than go to an arc range, as it can take a few days for a compound bow to be sighted in with 3-pin sights. 

You should be able to handle a new sight with care, especially when tightening the pins. Sometimes cheaper sights can be tightened too much, which can lead to damage to the pin socket and makes further adjustments tough. A compound bow with 3-pin sight does not have to be adjusted for a long time if you provide much care, attention, and enough time as well. 

The Step-by-Step of Sighting on a Compound Bow with 3 Pin Sights 

You should follow these simple instructions to sight in your compound bow. Aiming in a bow is a process that should not be rushed. The more you can expand your calibration, the better. Keep in mind that you will likely only need to do this two or three times with a bow, depending on your archery skills and abilities.

Step 1 – Mount Your 3-Pin Sight

First, mount your 3-pin sight on the compound bow. Always follow all of the installation instructions attached to the letter and make sure the view of the elevator matches the instructions. Typically, this does not require more than a few screws to attach to the pre-drilled holes in your elevator. Make sure your visor has time to calm down overnight. The next day, press your eyes to ensure stability.

Step 2 – Sighting Pin Adjustments

By using an Allen wrench, you have to complete all the procedures of the sighting pin adjustments at the center. 

Step 3 – Set Your Target

You have to ensure that your aim will last longer with the proper calibration exercise. Basically, it will take a large number of shots for sighting a 3-pin sight on the compound bow. Many expert shooters mark each 10-yard increase from their aim. 

Step 4 – Set the First Pin

Aim for the distance closest to your destination. The majority of the expert archers set it at 10 yards. Take your position, draw, and release an arrow toward the target that points to your view with the top pin. Shoot a few more shots by sliding the sight back up when your arrows cross the area indicated by the pin. Continue this process until you make sure that your arrows won’t shoot over the top pin.

When the first distance is successfully calibrated, double the distance (20 yards for most) and do the same sighting process. Increase the sighting field as necessary and adjust the sight for the arrows that go too far to the left or right if you are sure that your arrows are not firing at the upper pin. The first pin will likely move once the others are placed. So point to a high level of accuracy, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step 5 – Set the Second Pin

The next mark is usually 30 yards long but points to the mark three times the distance from the first mark. Shoot a few arrows at your target by aiming with your second pin. Make the same settings you made for the first pin, except that you should move the entire 3-pin sight box. You should not move it left or right. It can take a long time to achieve a high level of accuracy. However, this time makes sense because the second pin is the anchor point for your entire view. You want to be as specific as possible.

Step 6 – Set the Third Pin

The last pin must be four times as far away as the original mark so that it is 40 meters for most. Aim at your brand and throw arrows at your target as before. The only difference is that you have to move the pin yourself and not the position of the display case. Your goal is to make sure your arrow points exactly in the direction the third pin is pointing. It is not necessary to change the box in any way. If you find that your recordings are turning left or right, return to the previous marker and set from there.

Step 7 – Adjust the First Pin

When you are satisfied with the accuracy of your third pin, you need to go back to your first marker. Then you also need to check the accuracy of your first pin. It may require a little adjustment of the pin itself. However, you can’t make any mistake by moving the sight box. So you should start over from there.  

The above five best compound bow sights are an ideal option for bow users who are looking for a sight to assist them with their compound bow hunting experience. They have lots of benefit and useful features that will help with the needs of your sight.

What are the Factors to Put into Consideration before Purchasing any of the Best Compound Bow Sight?

Any bow user that ant to have one of the best compound bow sights will be picky concerning their parts not minding how small it is. More so that a bow sigh is an enhancement accessory, there are many options to put into consideration when buying one. Below are some important and popular features you must put into consideration:

  • Extra

This covered sights complimented particular styles on using a universal approach. This model went away from particular pin assignments and tried new thing with their system. The bunter and archers appreciate the vertical or pendulums pins which will be highly useful for high level of competition.

  • Durability

This criterion covers the quality of materials for the model entirely. The durability of the pin was judged separately. When durability is low, it also pointed to other failings in that particular bow sight.

  • Installation

Installation is judged according to the instructional manual packaged with it by the manufacturer. Manual that passed this test did not require going extremely comprehensive with their instructions. Bow sights that are complicated and downright lacks documentation.

  • Accuracy

This criterion is very tough to go through more so that there are many of it based on the ability of the user. Models with good extension in front of a bow are a good example of accuracy boosters. A general accuracy idea of pin accuracy has to do with sighting style or specialized pins that are designed to promote long range accuracy.

  • Pin Quality

Accuracy led right into the pin quality criteria that covered durability, entire ease fuse, and features. With single-pin setups being moved constantly, they need to have good material so that they do not break accidentally.

  • Range

The average range with the aid of a bow sight is over 80 yards. When the average is about 40, that was the highest prior there was a drop-off in its consistency. When a bow sight is matched properly and setup with care, hitting a consistent 80-yard target is a reality.

  • Adjustments

This is all about how easy the manufacturer made it for users to customize the bow sight to their liking. Good products will allow you make slight adjustments without having to begin from the beginning.

  • Marketing

Marketing is all about searching for the bow sights that are suggested by multiple competitions as being good and ideal to use.

Some of these features are unique and can offer additional accuracy and easy adjustments when you are out in the woods or targeting practice.

My mission is to provide you with the best information on the market pertaining to all things outdoors. My topics cover a variety of different information, some of which we’ve broken down into sections below.

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