Best Bow Sights for 2022 – Single & Fixed Pin Bow Sight For Hunting

Whether you are a professional or amature hunter, A perfect bow sight can keep you ahead to catch your target. And here choosing a best bow sight is a must.

I guess you are very much concerned about that, right. And so you never want to be the victim of choosing a wrong bow sight for you. But to have the best one for you, you should know all the features that a best sight comes with.

We can feel your needs. That’s why we’ve come with some of the leading bow sights. Here you will get to know these products with detailed features and specifications. So, hopefully, you will find your appropriate one here. 

Let’s see…

Top 18 Best Bow Sights for Hunting 

In the following list, we will provide you with a detailed rundown of the most highly-rated bow sights in the world. We will breakdown their strengths and weaknesses in order to make sure you spend your hard-earned money on a quality bow sight. 

Let’s have a look and explore some of the industry leading bow sights.

1. HHA Optimizer Sight 5519– Best Bow Sight For Hunting 

HHA Optimizer Sight 5519- Best Bow Sight For Hunting

The HHA Optimizer Sight comes with all the necessary features that an archer needs to make the perfect shot. It has a pretty basic single-pin sliding design, but it provides everything you will require in a variety of hunting situations. 

HHA sights had received some controversy in the past as they were susceptible to rusting. But that’s not the case when it comes to this HHA optimizer sight. It won’t get rusted even if you get it wet. 

It’s easily adjustable. That’s because this bow sight has micro-adjust windage on its front. You have to use the knob on the right side of the sight in order to get it sighted in. And one-click of the knob is equivalent to 1/8th of an inch at 20 yards. 

This bow sight is accurate, adjustable, and durable. It also comes at a reasonable price. Overall, It’s worth considering. 


  • Made of high-strength aluminum for easy grip and stability, plus it uses the same high-grade material used on the armor pins for greater reliability.
  • The armor pin is located inside a 1.625” housing and a 5” fiber optic. 
  •  Built-in windage knob that allows you to lock in target windage and sight alignment for maximum accuracy at all ranges.
  • It features bright 0.19 RH fiber optic pins. 


  • It comes with a harmonic stabilizer whose task is to increase stability by suppressing vibrations. 
  • You can adjust this bow sight without requiring any kind of tools. 
  • As it has a smaller pin, it’s more accurate than other sights.
  • It’s easy to mount. 


  • Sometimes, it does not perfectly match the description of the product provided on the official website. 
  • It does not come with any mounting hardware. 

2. TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight 

TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight

If you’re searching for a bow sight that provides the ultimate precision, then look no further than the TRUGLO Range Rover Pro. It’s basically the same bow sight as the Range Rover. But it comes with some additional features such as the illuminated Power-Dot technology. 

The illuminated dot technology provides a super clear sight, without losing much accuracy. This means, there is a large amount of illumination to assist you in shooting at the best possible angle of sight.

Unlike the original Range Rover bow sight, the Range Rover Pro does not have a pin so that it can provide you with a larger field of vision. The scope housing of this bow sight involves a circle that has a lighted dot at the center for unrivaled accuracy. 

The TRUGLO Range Rover Pro will surely increase the accuracy of your shot and enhance the likelihood of hitting the target. 


  • Its state-of-the-art and zero-in dial provide ultra-smooth, and exceptionally precise elevation tuning, which gives the hunters an extra advantage in challenging conditions.
  • It’s constructed with heavy-duty aluminum (CNC-Machined) for extreme reliability. 
  • The Range Rover Pro features a simple to use locking mechanism which makes it an ideal addition to your hunting bow.
  • The accessories of this product include a lens kit that will enable you to get double the magnification of any ordinary bow sight. 


  • This sports-type bow sight can be used for tactical, military, and hunting purposes.
  • You can easily customize the level of brightness of the LED to match the lighting conditions around you. 
  • It features tool-less adjustability. 
  • It provides a larger field of view than the original Range Rover. 


  • It’s not ideal for left-handed hunters. 
  • The lens can get blurry if there is rain or snow outside. 

3. IQ Bowsight Compound Bow Archery Sight– Best Bow Sight for Beginners

Are you getting tired of missing your target while hunting just because your aim was slightly off the mark? Well, if that is the case, then you should consider purchasing a premium archery sight like the IQ Bow Sight that comes with retina lock technology. 

And the best part about it is its Retina Lock mechanism. And it is half the size of any standard retina locks that are available in the market. This means that you’ll get far superior down-range accuracy while making long-range shots. 

This bow sight also features a locking system to help eliminate unwanted alignment errors on longer shots and reduces overall sight recoil.

The body of this bow sight is made out of lightweight fiber type polymer and the exterior of this bow sight features a silent coated finish. 


  • It comes with Retina Lock technology that offers more precise aiming and the precision to ensure accuracy on even the most challenging distances.
  • Its adjust-knobs allow the user to quickly and easily change the windage and elevation in order to choose the precise positions. 
  • This bow sight has a dual-position mounting system that will let you mount the sight to your bow according to your shooting style. 


  • The IQ Bow Sight is highly resistant to impacts. 
  • It’s quite lightweight and so it won’t weigh you down. 
  • This bow sight dramatically enhances the hunter’s accuracy even at long ranges.  
  • It also features an integrated range searching system. 
  • The sight is compatible with all standard and custom arrow guides.


  • The customer service provided by the manufacturer isn’t that great. 

4. Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight– Best Bow Sight for Elk Hunting

Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight- Best Bow Sight for Elk Hunting

We were highly impressed by the Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight. It features revolutionary React Technology. And if you are looking for an inexpensive option for your hunting, then this rifle would make an excellent choice.

This 5-pin sight is much faster and more accurate when compared to the other bow sights in the market. It’s one of the best bow sights for elk hunting. 

Its innovative react technology will enable you to precisely aim at your target during each and every hunt. With the proper combination of sight, scope and ammunition, this can be a very fast and effective method to find your target quickly and with less effort. The Trophy Ridge will make your shots that much more accurate.


  • The Trophy Ridge Pro’s react technology allows you to easily adjust the sight’s pins. By making these adjustments manually, you will be able to achieve an even higher level of accuracy than regular sight adjustments.
  • The body of the sight is made out of durable aluminum and the hardware is made of stainless steel. 
  • It features a rheostat light that will allow you to shoot even in low light conditions. When using this feature, you can see which way the target is going through your scope and then adjust your shots accordingly.


  • You can easily get accurate shots even at a distance of 60 yards. 
  • This bow sight is also extremely lightweight, which means no additional weight will be added to your bow.
  • The fiber optic pins are remarkably bright. 
  • It features tool-less elevation and windage adjustments. 


  • It does not come with any instructions and so you have to figure out how it works on your own. 

5. Garmin Xero A1 -Best Bow Sight For Mathews

Garmin Xero A1 -Best Bow Sight For Mathews
Garmin Xero A1 -Best Bow Sight For Mathews

Garmin’s brand-new Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight is an incredible piece of technology that incorporates both bow sight and range finding technology into one. So, instead of having to use a rangefinder and then figure out the distance using your bow sight, you can do both using the Garmin Xero. 

When you’re drawing the arrow, you can press a button on the bow sight that makes the sight display the range. And then drop a pin on your reticle to the exact yardage. It even compensates for angles and provides you with precise shooting when you really need it. 

If your bow does not have the ability to shoot at all distances, this sight can be a perfect replacement for it. But remember, despite being an excellent bow sight, it won’t do everything for you. You still have to practice a lot in order to get the perfect shot. 

So, if you’re a fan of bow sights with built in rangefinder, then you should check out the Garmin Xero A1. 


  • This innovative auto-ranging bow sight can measure the distance from the bow to the target and then provide an LED dot to pinpoint its position. 
  • It features both single pins as well as multi-pin configurations. You can select the pins manually. 
  • You can target a game from a distance of 100-300 yards. 


  • As it has an LED pin instead of a physical pin, it will allow you to see the target clearly without any obstruction. 
  • You won’t have to split pins or guess the yardage; this bow sight will do it for you. 
  • The illuminated dot is easier to see than fiber pins. 
  • It’s ideal for shooting up/down steep slopes.  


  • Setting up this bow sight is a bit tough and confusing. 

6. Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight– Best Sight for Western Hunting

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight- Best Sight for Western Hunting
 Best Sight for Western Hunting

The Trophy Ridge sight has micro-pin adjustments for the pins of this bow sight. It also comes with an onboard tool that comes with the sight and you can use it to make the micro-adjustments. 

This bow sight doesn’t come with any fancy features like tool-less micro-adjustments, but it does have a solid construction, it performs exceptionally well and it’s extremely well built. And the fiber optic is also remarkably bright. And it’s also one of the best sights for western hunting.

This is a good sight and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a solid, comfortable, and reliable sight that is both effective and affordable.


  • It comes with a bright rheostat light that will allow you to use the bow sight even in a low-light environment. 
  • It features incredibly bright 0.19 fiber optic pins. 
  • As it features a 2nd axis adjustment system, you’ll get better accuracy over long distances. 


  • This sight is compatible with right-handed as well as left-handed users. 
  • You can easily adjust its windage and elevations. 
  • Its sighting system provides the user with corrective feedback. 
  • It features tool-less adjustments and installation. 


  • It’s slightly heavier than the other entries on our list. 
  • Locking the retina lock system can seem a bit tricky. 

7. Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin -Best Bow Sights For Low Light

Best Bow Sights For Low Light

The Trophy Ridge Volt 5 pin sight is unmatched when it comes to performance and affordability. The 5-pin sight is a must-have accessory when looking for a high-quality sight for your bow.

This ballistic sight is made out of a durable co-polymer that provides the ultimate protection against impacts and corrosion. And its extra-long fiber makes the pins as bright as possible. The high-quality lens provides an amazing degree of field of view, so you get the best possible picture even in low-light situations.

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 has set a new standard for bow sights and purchasing this bow sight would be a wise choice especially if you consider its price.  


  • It features five fiber optic pins (horizontal) that have a diameter of .019”. 
  • The Trophy Ridge bow sight also features a reversible mounting system that makes it ideal for both right-hand and left-hand users. 
  • It even comes with a ballistix coating that reduces all kinds of vibrations. 


  • It’s quite flexible as it features offset holes for mounting. 
  • This bow sight comes with a laser-etched pin, elevation, and windage adjustment. 
  •  This sight is quite easy to use. 
  • It will allow you to confidently shoot at longer distances. 


  • It does work well if it’s not installed perfectly. 

8. TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Sight -Best Bow Sight Under $100

TRUGLO Carbon Hybrid Sight -Best Bow Sight Under $100

There are millions of sighting options in the market, so why should you choose the TruGlo carbon hybrid sight? Well, what if we told you that this sight is the most highly-rated carbon fiber sight ever? Yes, you read that right. 

Since its inception, TruGlo has been producing innovative and innovative carbon fiber optics on their high-performance range of fiber optic sights. And this sight is no exception. Also, we are a huge fan of the red and black design of this bow sight. 

It features a true-touch coating that makes it soft, smooth, and comfortable to shoot at any range. Overall, there is no doubt that this is a quality carbon fiber sight.  So why not go with it?


  • It’s called a hybrid bow sight as it’s made out of a combination of aluminum and carbon. 
  • The TruGlo sight comes with a push-button sight light. You have to push it once, twice or three times in order to choose the settings, low, medium, and bright respectively. 
  • As it features an angled-fiber holder, it’s able to enhance the amount of light exposed to the fiber-optics. 


  • It’s super lightweight and easy to install. 
  • It has long fibers and a reversible bracket. 
  • Its durability is unparalleled. 
  • You won’t need a hex wrench in order to make adjustments on this bow sight. 


  • Some customers complained that they had received a defective sight.

9. Trophy Ridge React H5 5-Pin Bow Sight 

The Trophy Ridge React H5 is the first entry on our list that combines both Trophy Ridge’s exclusive React technology with the horizontal pin technology.

For those who’re not aware of React Technology, it allows the user to sight in the 20-yard pin with the elevation and windage blocks. It also allows you to sight-in one more distance such as your 30-yard pin.

So, once you sight that pin in, with the bottom adjustment, all of the other pins like the 40-, 50- and 60-yard pins will move in conjunction with each other. 

Once you sight-in one pin and one other distance, it becomes almost impossible to make an inaccurate shot. This bow sight is made out of ballistix copolymer. It has the same strength as aluminum, but it’s 25% more lighter. 

If you want perfect accuracy at any distance, the Trophy Ridge React H5 should be the obvious choice. 


  • The React H5 features a second-axis adjustment system. 
  • It comes with a glow-ring and a sight light. It also comes with a label that improves your shooting stability. 
  • This bow sight features tool-less micro-click elevation and windage blocks. 


  • Its soft-touch coating reduces vibrations. 
  • Its react technology sets the other distances automatically. 
  • This bow sight allows the user to adjust the brightness of the rheostat light. 


  • Some users said that this bow sight was not as durable as they had expected. 

10. Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight– Best Bow Sight for Low Light

Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight- Best Bow Sight for Low Light

And on the 10th spot, we have another Trophy Ridge bow sight, which is quite similar to the Trophy Ridge React H5 sight. The distinguishing feature of the Trophy Ridge React V5 is that it combines React Technology with Vertical pin technology. And the technology gives you the best of both worlds.

Although vertical pin technology has been around for quite a while, it’s never been used on a bow sight in conjunction with react technology.  

The V5 uses an adjustable, spring-loaded vertical pin for a great deal of stability. There are several advantages to using a vertical pin. First and foremost, it allows for fast and easy adjustment of the pins. You just have to adjust the 20 and 30-yard pins and the rest will get adjusted automatically.

It features multiple mounting holes on its side and it also comes with a second-axis on its top.

It has fiber optics wrapped around its outside housing. And there is a rheostat light on its front.

On the whole, we think this is one of the best bow sights on the market. It’s well-built and its quality is top-notch.


  • Its react technology allows the user to set up the pins up to 60-yards. Experts say that the Trophy Ridge V5 is the best bow sight for poor vision because of its react technology.
  •  This bow sight has a minimum arrow speed of roughly 250 FPS. 
  • Since it features in-line pins, it’s able to provide an unobstructed and clear target. 


  • It’s 25% lighter than the bow sights that are made out of aluminum. 
  • Rheostat lights help you sight your target in low light conditions.It’s one of the best bow sights for low light
  • It’s perfect for shooting at longer distances. 
  • Just like the React H5, it can also adjust its pins automatically. 


  • It does not come with any instructions.   

11. Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight– Best Bow Sight Under $50

Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight- Best Bow Sight Under $50

Trophy Ridge had surprised everyone when they released their Joker 4-pin sight. We were all blown away by how well-built this bow sight was and also how inexpensive it was.

It can also be called the best bow sight under $100. The Joker 4-pin sight uses a proprietary sight picture system that uses an optical tube to see the target. This sight comes with really bright fiber optics and it also has a nice and effective design.

It has plenty of marking on its body that will help you a lot while adjusting the bow sight. And just like all the other Trophy Ridge sights that we have reviewed today, the Joker 4-pin sight also comes with a sight light. 

We were really impressed with the price and performance of this bow sight and will definitely recommend the Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight. 


  • It features a rheostat light that’s quite easy to use. Just twist its knob in the clockwise direction and the light will be turned on and it will illuminate your fiber optics. 
  •  It comes with three 0.19″ medium-sized horizontal optic pins that provide the ultimate visibility to the users. 
  • You can correctly align your shots using its built-in bubble level. 


  • You can use this bow sight whether you’re right-handed or left-handed. 
  • It’s quite flexible and you can mount it to your bow however you like. 
  • It’s pretty dependable and it comes at an affordable price. 
  • Its green accent makes sight acquisition much easier. 


  • Some users complained about the rheostat light not working properly. 

12. IQ Bowsight Define Range Finding 5 Pin – Bow Sights With Built In Rangefinder

Bow Sights With Built In Rangefinder

IQ is a well-known brand in the world of hunting. And their high-quality gear and accessories are highly effective at making outdoor activities like hunting much more accurate. 

The IQ Define range finding bow sight comes with some exciting features like a built-in range-finding option. IQ has done a fantastic job of making such good quality, fully adjustable bow sight/rangefinder. 

What really sets this bow sight apart from the other sights in the market is that it has a digital read-out for the yardage. It also has a standard 5 pin sight. So, even if your batteries die, you can still use the five-pin sight. 


  • It features a fully integrated and removable laser that will assist you while sighting in.
  • Just like the other bows sights made by IQ, the IQ Define bow sight also features 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis sight adjustments. 
  • It comes with a trigger-activated yardage indicator. So, it will display the yardage with just a push of a button. 
  • It features five 0.19-inch horizontal pins.


  • You won’t need any kind of tools for making the adjustments.
  • It has four different brightness settings so that you can choose the one you prefer. 
  • It provides users with angle-adjusted yardage. 
  • Its dual mounting features let you install it in the way that you see fit. 


  • It’s a bit heavier than the other bow sights on our list. 

13. IQ Bowsight Micro 3 or 5 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight- Best Sight for Compound Bow

IQ Bowsight Micro 3 or 5 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight- Best Sight for Compound Bow

The new IQ Micro bow sight features the innovative retina lock technology that makes it really easy to sight inaccurately. Installing this sight is also pretty easy.

Just take the instruction manual, the sight, and the packet that contains Allen wrenches and other mounting hardware. Then go ahead with the mounting process.

The adjustments of this bow sight are also quite simple. All you have to do is loosen the self-locking knobs and then turn the micro-adjustment wheel. It’s regarded as one of the best sights for compound bows


  • Its retina lock technology makes the shots more consistent and it also provides feedback to the user almost instantly. 
  • Its dual mounting position allows you to install it on the bow according to your shooting style. 
  • Although this bow sight is constructed with aluminum, it’s quite lightweight. It also comes with multiple quiver mounting spots.


  • The retina lock technology dramatically enhances the shooter’s accuracy. 
  • This bow sight is ideal for shooting at longer ranges. 
  • It’s quite easy to set up.
  • It’s the best bow sight for mathews. 
  • This unit is well-constructed and durable. 


  • The mounting screws get loosened easily.  

14. IQ PRO XT 7-Pin Bow sight– Best 7 Pin Bow Sight 

IQ PRO XT 7-Pin Bow sight- Best 7 Pin Bow Sight

The IQ Pro XT retina lock bow sight is one of the most innovative bow sights that IQ has ever made. This bow sight was developed in response to the large number of complaints that have come in about the accuracy of the IQ XT. 

This bow sight has a special spring-loaded design, which gives it a very firm hold on the target even at extreme distances.  It is completely self-adjusting, and a simple 3 position adjustment knob on the side of the sight makes it very easy to adjust the sight.

You can adjust the brightness of the sight light just by turning the knob on the bottom of the sight. In fact, the IQ Pro XT is widely regarded as the best 7 pin bow sight and it clearly deserves that title. 


  • It features a 6-inch extension bar. This makes it easy for the user to precisely align the sight. 
  • The retina lock system of the IQ Pro XT is 50% smaller than the previous entry on our list. And so this provides increased sensitivity and accuracy.
  • It also comes with easy to use adjustment knobs for elevation and windage adjustment. 


  • It has locking knobs that lock the elevation and windage positions in place.
  • Its rheostat light lets the user shoot their bow even at twilight or nighttime. 
  • It’s pretty lightweight and it only weighs around 10.1 oz.


  • The pins aren’t as bright as they should be. 

15. Trophy Ridge React Pro – Best 5 Pin Bow Sight 

Are you looking for the best 5 pin bow sight? Well, when it comes to getting the perfect accuracy while shooting arrows at various distances, there isn’t a better option available to you other than the Trophy Ridge React Pro sight. 

This product is also almost the same as the React Pro bow sight that we have reviewed before. The only difference is that this sight has .10-inch pins while the previous one had.19-inch pins. 

No other bow sight will let you get sighted in as fast and as easily as the Trophy Ridge React Pro 5-pin sight. 


  • Once you sight in at 20-yard and 3-yard distances, the Trophy Ridge sight will automatically set the 40,50- and 60-yard pins. 
  • Its bright .10-inch fiber optic indicators are visible even in low light environments. 
  • The React Pro sight also features 3rd axis adjustment that will increase your accuracy even on extreme angles. 


  • Its hardware is made of strong stainless steel.
  • You can sight in or adjust all of the pins using the master screw. 
  • It features a glow-ring that glows in the dark. Thus it makes it easy to find the target. 
  • It has tool-less adjustments. 


  • The rheostat light has poor quality. 

16. TOPOINT ARCHERY 3 Pin Bow Sight- Best Bow Sight for Money

TOPOINT ARCHERY 3 Pin Bow Sight- Best Bow Sight for Money
 Best Bow Sight for Money

You would be surprised to know that an inexpensive sight like the TOPOINT archery 3-pin sight has such a high amount of quality and performance. It features a bracket that’s made of aluminum and its 3 highly visible fiber optic pins make target acquisition feel like a breeze. 

This is the most affordable bow sight on our list, and we can assure you that you’ll be pleased by its performance. Plus, it’s the best 3 pin bow sight in the market. 


  • This bow sight is made out of CNC machined T6 aluminum. And the pins of this sight are made out of brass. 
  • It comes with three fiber optic pins. Each has a diameter of .029 inches. Two outer pins are green and the middle one is red. 
  • It has markings for windage and elevation. And both right-handed and left-handed shooters can use it. 


  • It has a robust construction. 
  • Calibrating this bow sight is really easy. 
  • Installing this sight on your bow will only take 2-3 minutes. 
  • The pins are quite well illuminated. 


  • The bow sight isn’t that effective in low-light conditions. 
  • It does not come with any instructions. 

17. IQ Bow sights 5-Pin Micro Bow sight– Best Bow Sight for Older Eyes

IQ Bow sights 5-Pin Micro Bow sight- Best Bow Sight for Older Eyes

The IQ 5-pin bow sight is regarded as the best 5-pin bow sight in the industry. And we highly recommend this bow sight to beginners because of its retina lock technology. The best part about this bow sight is that it provides immediate feedback to the user whenever he/she makes some kind of mistake.

You’ll definitely love its micro-adjustments as it makes it really easy for the shooter to gain pinpoint accuracy. And it fits all types of bows perfectly. It’s also widely considered to be one of the best bow sights for older eyes


  • It comes with five 0.19-inch fiber optic pins and it also features 2nd axis adjustment. 
  • The automatic feedback system of this bow sight will let you know about any changes in anchor points or torque. 
  • It also features a dual-mounting system and tool-less locking knobs. 


  • The retina lock system makes it easy to set the pins accurately.
  • The process of sight adjustment is simple and straightforward. 
  • It’s ideal for shooting your target at extended distances. 


  • The pins of the sights are a bit dim, especially in low lighting conditions. 

18. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight– Best Bow Sight for Deer Hunting 

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight- Best Bow Sight for Deer Hunting

Unlike the other Trophy Ridge bow sights that we mentioned in this article, this model is a basic single pin sliding bow sight. And just like most of the single pin bow sights, it has two different mounting spots that provide you with the option to mount it closer to the bow or further from it.

It does not feature a micro-adjustment system and so you have to manually adjust the windage by lessening its screw. It features a sight light and a clear plastic housing on the front. And it comes with a glow-ring as well.  

We believe the Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Bow Sight, that is a great option for you if you are looking for a cheap but reliable Bow Sight for your next bow hunt.


  • It features a single vertical pin that provides precise adjustments and makes it easy to spot your target. 
  • It does not have any metal-on-metal contact and so it can operate smoothly. 
  • It features a single medium-sized 0.019″.


  • Its rheostat light provides better visibility. 
  • As it has only one pin, it can provide an unobstructed view.  
  • It’s ideal for shooting your target at extended distances. 
  • It provides excellent visibility in all types of conditions. 


  • You have to use Allen keys in order to adjust this bow sight. 

Buying Guide-How to Pick the Right Bow Sight for You 

Buying Guide-How to Pick the Right Bow Sight for You

Anyone who owns a compound bow knows how essential a sight is. Most bow hunters would be shocked to learn that there are hundreds of different types of bow sights in the market and their use is often as varied as the bow sight types.

Choosing which bow sight will be best for you is a personal matter and it’s completely up to you. However, we can help you in making that decision by giving you a list of the most crucial features of any given bow sight so that you can make the best choice for your needs.

Let’s have a look at those features:

Fixed Vs. Adjustable Pins 

As the title suggests, there are two types of bow sights in the market based on the type of pins they have. If you have an adjustable pin, you can select the distance you want to shoot from the sight. 

And if you have a fixed sight, then you won’t be able to adjust the pin by hand.

Still, fixed pin bow sights have their own advantages as well. They come in handy when an opportunity is presented to you and you have a good grasp at your target.

It is even a good option when you don’t have the time to set the pin to the perfect distance. 


There is no guarantee that the day on which you’re hunting for deer will be a bright sunny day. It’s highly likely that you’ll have to hunt in low light environments.

So, it is imperative that your bow sight has bright fiber optic pins that will illuminate the target when the opportunity presents itself.

Sight Lights 

Nowadays, most of the bow sights feature a screw-in rheostat light that illuminates the sight pins during an overcast day or during twilight. This is an excellent accessory to have. For those who want a little more, you can buy a scope that is attached to the rear sight via a pin-lock mechanism.

Make sure to check the hunting rules and regulations of your states. That’s because some states don’t allow any kind of electric device to be mounted to a compound bow. 

Number of Pins 

It’s a common misconception that the more pins you have on your bow sight the better it is. That’s just not true. Having fewer pins on your bow sight makes the sight picture easier to look at.

The pins can be arranged in any orientation in relation to the sight picture to give you a wide range of shooting. 

If you plan on hunting within a range of 30 yards, then a single pin should suffice. But if you plan on shooting at a distance that’s greater than 30 yards, you should buy a three-pin bow sight. 

And if you want to hunt large games, then we suggest you buy a 5-pin sight that lets you choose a distance on a range of 20-60 yards. 


You should also make sure your bow sight features micro-adjustments that will allow you to fine-tune your bow sight in any way you please. This is especially important for people who use an adjustable sight that doesn’t have manual control.

This system works by letting the user loosen the locking screws and adjust the positions of the pins. 

Bow Sight Pricing

Bow Sight Pricing

Before buying any product, the price is the first thing that comes to mind. The same is true in the case of bow sights. The price of a bow sight varies depending on a wide range of factors. 

If you want to buy a budget-friendly bow sight, then you should make a budget of $50 to $100. However, if you want to get the premium performance of top-tier bow sight, then it will cost you roughly $300-$500.  

Top Brands 

The quality of a bow sight also depends on its brand. And knowing about the top brands in the industry will certainly help you in your search for the best bow sight. So, let’s take a look at the most popular brands that manufacture bow sights:

Trophy Ridge 

Trophy Ridge is the largest manufacturer of archery-related products. Most of their products are related to bow hunting and their bow sights have always been regarded as the best bow sights for deer hunting. It’s a trusted brand and you can choose one of their products without any hesitation. 


IQ has been dominating the archery world. And the credit goes to their long lineup of exceptional bow sights that have unique designs and they provide the ultimate accuracy. The bow sights made by IQ are undoubtedly the best bow sights for a compound bow. 


TRUGLO is the company that makes the brightest bow sights in the market. Although this brand isn’t as popular as the other two, they provide excellent bow sights at inexpensive prices. So if you’re on a search for the best bow sight for money, then you should choose TRUGLO. 

best bow sight for hunting

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s the best bow sight for hunting? 

The Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 is, by far, the best bow sight for this application.   It has a very high level of quality that you don’t get in other bow sights.  It is one of the best bow sights for beginners or for those who want to have a solid but simple bow sight.

What’s the best bow sight for hunting? 

In our humble opinion, the Trophy Ridge fixed-series sight is the best 3-pin bow sight that the market has to offer.  Its lightweight, ergonomic design and large aperture for fast and accurate aiming make this the perfect bow sight for your needs.

Can you put a sight on a recurve bow?

If your recurve bow has a metal riser, then of course you install a bow sight on it. However, if it’s made of wood, then you may have to modify the bow and make it suitable for a bow sight.

What distance should I set my bow sights? 

For most bows, just setting the sight at a distance of 20 yards is more than enough. But if you have a five-pin sight, then you can change the sight’s distance on a range of 20—70 yards depending on the distance of the target. 

Final Verdict 

Thank you for being with us on our quest to find the best bow sight in the market. I guess it was a tough ride, but we finally made it. As you can see bow sights might seem like simple accessories for your hunting bow, but they actually are not. 

And to get your best fit , You have to consider a lot of aspects of a bow sight and do a lot of market research before making a purchasing decision. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you with that. And before you leave, we will reveal to you our favorite pick out of all of the bow sights that we have reviewed.

The honor goes to the HHA Optimizer Sight. Its adjustability, durability, and accuracy are simply unmatched by any other sights.