Best Compound Bow Sights For The Money

Bow sights are made to improve the entire experience when bows are used for hunting, competition or just to make fun of it. A bow sight can seriously affect the probabilities of the user to hit the target and at times a certain extent that they become subordinate to the projection accuracy. However, most bow sights take seconds before it could be adjusted but it has become a necessary accessory for bow users.

Three Best Compound Bow Sights for the Money

A bow sight will help you save money. Part of the fun of hunting with a bow is that it is more challenging when compared to just taking aim with a rifle. Also, rather than depending on a peep, bow sight gives the ability to focus accurately on a target.

Best Compound Bow Sights For The Money Comparison Table

ImageProduct NameProduct DimensionsWeightPINPrice
Ridge Drive11 x 5 x 2.5 inches8 ounces1
Ridge React5 x 8 x 0.8 inches12 ounces1
Ridge Peak1 x 1 x 1 inches10.4 ounces5

What to Consider Before Buying Bow Sights?

To make up your mind in choosing the right bow sight could be a little bit confusing most especially when there are various types of choices. There are several types of bow sights to choose from and each of them has its pros.

If you prefer the bow sight that is the easiest to adjust and trustworthy, then fixed pin sight is recommended. This is usually common among the hunters more so that as soon as the pins are set, there is no further adjustment when you get to the field. However, there are moveable pin sights that are very good for distance shooting in addition to the pendulum models purposely designed to fire the bow at a vertical angle.

But if you prefer to go for the bow sights made for consistent shots in competitions or target for practice, it is advisable to go for a sight that is designed purposely for this kind of shooting. Below are the three best compound bow sights for the money:

1. Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight has an ultra-bright 0.029-inch large vertical fiber optic pin that enhances the ease of narrow-in on your target. It has adjustable indicator pin that permits ultra-precise adjustments to compensate for uncertain environmental situations. It has Drive Slider sight with sight light. Its nylon bushings help to create smooth, quiet movement without metal-to-metal contact.


  • Glo indicator tape that enhances accuracy via low and changing light
  • The pin is too bright
  • Slider locks in place thereby unable to move when shooting
  • Very easy to assemble
  • It is designed with a light
  • Nice pin and light weighted


  • Very easy and faster to relate the color when at a distance
  • Easy to lose the batteries more so that you can lose the battery compartment lid in order to turn the light off
  • Pins are 0.029” fiber optic and this is wider than many other sights

2. Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge is regarded as one of the top bow hunting scope producers in the market and trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight is of no different. It has a reversible sight mount with a Rheostat light that makes it an ideal choice for any hunter. Illuminated spirit level could be a thing that some hunters prefer and the most significant to have at the fingertip is that you must have a level shot prior any other thing else and the sight leveler included which help to make it happen.


  • It is a game-changing
  • It is a victory-proven innovation that enhances accuracy and your hunt
  • Ability to achieve precision within 10 minutes without guesswork or tools
  • Easy to sight 20 yards after adjusting peep sight
  • Good site for money
  • Well built and easy to use


  • Easy and quicker to relate a color to a distance
  • No instruction documentation
  • Susceptible to cracking
  • Must be shot at a minimum of 250 FPS for accuracy

3. Trophy Ridge Peak 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Peak 5 Pin Bow Sight is an innovative right-handed sight engineered to offer the most unobstructed view that is available in a multi-pin sight. The Peak sight is available in two styles which are left and right-handed.


  • 5 ultra bright 0.019-inch medium fiber optic pins for easy narrow-in on your target
  • Very easy to make advanced tool-less micro-click windage and elevation adjustments
  • Rheostat light permits you to adjust your brightness in order to match any visibility situation
  • Glow-ring helps in strengthening the accuracy in low and changing lights
  • Good for any bow hunters


  • It is a bit heavy
With the above three best compound bow sights for the money, the users will accurately line up shots with their targets in order to experience all the fun and excitement to bring down game with an arrow. Besides, it is often more humane when compared to not using one. Definitely, you will not have any problem to find a good sight for your compound bow if you look at the three options given to you.
Best Compound Bow Sights For The Money
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