How To Adjust Compound Bow Sights [Step-By-Step Guide]

Most archers that use compound bows install sights on their bows so as to increase their accuracy for target hunting and shooting. The popular sight configuration that is very common from one to four adjustable pins that are usually mounted on the riser of the bow.

These pins can be moved up and down or left and right with the individual pin set for a particular distance.

The question is how do you adjust a compound bow sights?

Below is the step-by-step method you can use to adjust compound bow sights.

1st Step

Tease apart the inner collar on the pin so as to adjust the horizontal position of the pins. This will enable their tips to approximately focused on the inside edge of the arrow when it is knocked.

When the outer collar is teased apart, this will let you move the pins up and down in order to make them uniformly distanced from one to another in the bracket.

When the inner and outer collars are tightened up to make them secured. These previous settings allow you more space and this will help move each pin without obscuring other pins because you can make adjustments during the process of the sighting.

How To Adjust Compound Bow Sights

2nd Step

Begin at the 20-yard line and shoot three arrows to the target by making use of the top pin. You can sight by placing the pin directly on the middle f the target.

You have nothing to worry about when the arrows are off their mark at this point. The reason for your shooting is for the sake of consistency and preference of the arrows to be in a tight group.

3rd Step

Shift the pin towards the arrow group if you want to adjust the sight. First and foremost, you can begin with the vertical direction as you move the pin-up or down.

For instance, if the arrows hit the target higher than your aiming point, then you need to move the pin-up. But if the arrow hit below the target, you have to move the pin down.

4th Step

Keep on with the shooting process of the three arrows and let your adjustments be in the vertical direction until the arrows hit the middle of the target. They can land to the right or left of the target at this point., but they should be hitting the vertical center prior to your movement to the next step.

5th Step

Now, it is time to shoot another three arrows and move the top pin to the right or left for adjustment in the horizontal direction. If the set of arrows is to the center-left, then move the pinout or to the left. But if the arrows are to the center-right, you need to move the pin in or to the right.

6th Step

In this step, you have to repeat the process of sighting in the vertical direction at 30 yards with the 2nd highest pin, 40 yards with the 3rd highest pin, and 50 yards for the bottom pin. At this point, you must only need to make little adjustments in the horizontal direction.

Note that:

  • Ensure that you try all possible best to have constant anchor and release as you sight in the bow. This will give you tight arrow groups. However, if you want to have the best and quality accuracy, your groups must be very close enough for your palm to cover.
  • Make sure you avoid trying to move the arm of your bow to adjust your aim. Let your pin focused on the target and adjust the pin.
If you are able to follow the contents written above step by step and adhere strictly to the instruction, you will find it easier to adjust your compound bow sights.

Effective sighting in your bow is very crucial for anyone planning on hunting animals. This will help you become more accurate and let you have better-shot placement on animals to put them down quicker.

Shooting a bow accurately is an impressive skill to have and takes time and dedication to be very proficient with a bow but this is full of fun to have and get you outside enjoying Mother Nature at its finest.