10 Best Single Pin Bow Sights for Hunting yearof20 – Review

Whether you are a beginner or professional hunter, getting the best single-pin bow sight is your first priority. You know there are a lot of brands and models out there on the market.

As a beginner, it can be a hassle for you to pick a perfect single-pin bow sight. Even sometimes the expert’s archers may be confused while selecting the best one.

So here we are going to review the top 10 best single-pin bow sights for hunting for both beginners and experts.

Top 10 Single Pin Bow Sights For Hunting: Reviews

After 120 hours of successful research, we’ve compiled 10 best single pin bow sights for hunting.

Trophy Ridge is our premium choice. This model has loads of amazing features. If you are looking for a top-rated single pin bow sight for hunting, Obviously this one is the best option for you.

Premium choice:

1. Trophy Ridge Alpha Slide 1-Pin Sight- Best One Pin Bow Sight

Features and Benefits:

  • Boasts with durable aluminum construction.
  • The model features a clear and open view for optimal accuracy.
  • It incorporates an extended slider for enhancing the shooting range.
  • The Trophy Ridge Alpha Slide 1-Pin Sight features Delran bushing.
  • It is perfect for its smooth and quiet operation.

The Trophy Ridge Alpha Slide’s single-pin bow sight is shaped like an A. It is made from a high-quality aluminum alloy that increases durability. It is featured with a. 019 “single pin.  Surely this is a great option for hunters.

One of the best things about this single-pin bow sight is that it offers a clear view that draws your attention to the target. Apart from that, the Trophy Ridge Alpha Slide 1-Pin Sight is equipped with an advanced slider to maximize the shooting range, and its shooting range starts at 20 yards.

Moreover, the Trophy Ridge Alpha Slide 1-Pin Sight has a Delran cap that guarantees smooth and quiet movement. The bow sight also contains quiver mounting parts to configure it. 

2. HHA Optimizer Lite Cadet – Best Single Pin Hunting Sight

Features and Benefits:

  • Made in the USA
  • The model features CNC machined aluminum construction.
  • It is designed for youth and first-time archers.
  • It is compact and lightweight and weighs just under 5 oz.
  • Perfect for learning archery.
  • Easy to adjust for various ranges.
  • You can create your own markings.

The HHA Optimizer Lite Cadet Single Pin is proudly manufactured in the United States of America with CNC machined aluminum. The CNC machined aluminum construction makes it lightweight but incredibly durable. It is mainly engineered for young and beginner archers.  may just be the ideal bow-sight for the first time archer. This easy-to-use high-precision bow sight is featured with a .019 size pin that makes it perfect and precise for target and hunting situations.

The beauty behind this outstanding bow sight is just that – it’s a single pin! From the first time, this single-pin bow sight removes the confusion of the shooters so that they can concentrate on form and technique and not on the pin to be viewed. With its user-friendly settings and its ultra-bright and fully protected fiber optic pin, this view lets your CADET shooting like a professional from day one!

3. APEX GEAR Covert 1-Pin – Single Pin Adjustable Bow Sights

Features and Benefits:

  • Proudly made in the United States of America with premium quality aluminum. 
  • The APEX GEAR Covert 1-Pin Bow Sight features aperture housing.
  • APEX GEAR Covert 1-Pin Bow Sight incorporates vertical and horizontal tilt adjustments.
  • The bow sight also includes micro-adjustable windage and elevation so you can adjust it yourself.
  • The model also includes a shooter’s ring that glows in the dark.
  • Apart from that, the ring aligns scope housing to peep in your sight.
  • Incorporates an easy-to-see yardage tape location.
  • Both left and right-handed archers can use it.

The APEX GEAR covert 1-pin bow sight is an excellent solution for beginners and expert archers. It comes up with durable construction. It is made out of top-quality aluminum. The problem, however, is that it can make noise when its two parts touch. But the problem is over as it is well done with aluminum. Then it is quite as well as smooth.

You can adjust the pin size to your needs with this incredible single pin bow sight. You can also switch between a .019 “and a .010” pin. The secret of 1 pin is illustrated with a fast change technology. So you can customize your view pin easily and quickly.

One of the most important things is that the model itself can change the brightness automatically owing to the rheostat light. With this great bow sight, you can hunt and shoot in any flash condition.

This single pin bow sight is suitable for right and left-handed hunters. It is also perfect for target shooting, hunting as well as 3D archery.

4. Trophy Ridge React One Pro 1 Pin Bow Sight

Features and Benefits:

  • The Trophy Ridge React One Pro Bow Sight boasts a robust design and construction.
  • It is made out of premium-quality materials.
  • This beginner-friendly bow sight can perfectly keep up the visibility in low and changing light.
  • It comes up with an ultra-bright fiber optic pin with rheostat light.
  • It also comes up with the windage and elevation locking lever that is equipped with the elevation adjustment knob.
  • It incorporates a yardage selector as well as yardage indicators.
  • It also incorporates a lens retainer ring.

The Trophy Ridge React One Pro is an advanced quality single pin bow sight. This top-rated bow sight is characterized by a durable design and robust construction. It is made out of a combination of robust stainless steel with high-quality aluminum. It is primarily intended for lefties. The bow sight is completely beginner-friendly, and it guarantees improved accuracy.

The best thing about the Trophy Ridge React One Pro 1 Pin Bow Sight is that it is equipped with a medium-sized 0.019-inch fiber optic pin that improves visibility in extreme weather conditions. You can also adjust the brightness to suit your lighting needs, at dusk and at dawn. In addition, it is utilized with react technology. You can adjust the pins precisely to the optimal position owing to their master adjusting screw.

Another important point is that with the advanced tools, you can easily make corrections. This high-quality bow sight consists of 10 custom visual bands with a lens holder ring. In addition, the bow sight is featured with a third axis adjustment to improve accuracy at acute angles over longer distances. If you can set it exactly at 2 yards, all of your indicators will be set to 100 yards.

5. TRUGLO Range-Rover Series Single Pin Moving Bow Sight

Features and Benefits:

  • This single-pin bow sight offers optimal precision.
  • The model features wrapped fibers that are completely protected.
  • The model also incorporates an ultra-smooth bracket.
  • This single pin bow sight also offers windage and elevation adjustment features.
  • The bow sight also incorporates a removable rheostat light.
  • Perfect for both right and left-handed archers.

The TRUGLO Range Rover series is here to stand with a unique single pin bow sight. It comes up with an innovative dial for zero adjustments. The bow sight guarantees extremely smooth and precise micro-adjustable height adjustment. So the hunters will get outstanding support under extreme conditions.

Moreover, the model includes a tool-free yard lock that makes sure a clear panoramic view with a completely metallic needle. Apart from that, the bow sight comes up with particularly long and fully protected wrapped fibers. It also guarantees an ultra-soft support movement that enables easy adjustment with one hand. The bow sight housing is featured with 1.87-inch lenses that you have to buy separately. It also has laser-engraved reference marks for altitude and wind settings. An adjustable limit switch can stop setting up the yard.

It is important that the quiver can be mounted directly on the stand. The series includes an adjustable quiver holder (except TG6211B). It is available for right and left-handed users. Surely this would be a great option for achieving success in archery.

6. IQ Bowsight Pro-Best Single Pin Sight For Hunting

 IQ Bowsight Pro-One Archery Bow Sight

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent retina lock technology
  • Automatically adjust windage and elevation positions 
  • Ultra-bright pin (.019”) allows shooting in low light too
  • Included dual distance marking tapes 
  • Suitable for both left-right handed
  • Ideal for longer distance shooting 

IQ pro-one archery bow sight is a great option for beginners and expert hunters. It is the most affordable best single pin sight that offers Retina lock technology. The benefit of this field logic bow sight is that provides instant feedback to identify the anchor point change or slightest. Also, it can move quickly “pin” with speedy thread adjustment. 

Therefore, it doesn’t require tools to adjust windage and elevation positions in place. Featuring micro-adjust knobs are most responsible to adjust the elevation and windage accurately. Amazingly, this bow sight is going to arrive your flows to light.  Even, the pin is moveable so you can move how you want. 

Dual distance marking tapes means that ensure precious positions as per the requirement of shooting. It’s high-quality materials construction that can be satisfying in the beginning.  

7. Viper Archery Sidewinder– One Pin Sight For The Money

Viper Archery Sidewinder, Tactical Quickset Single Pin Aluminum Compound Bow Sight

Highlighted Features:

  • High-grade 6061 T6 aluminum construction
  • Comes with 2nd axis adjustment 
  • Extendable slider for enhancing the shooting range
  • Superior quality Delran bushing
  • Ensures a smooth and quiet operation
  • Ultra-bright optic metal pin 

This is a high-grade ultra-lightweight single pin bow sight from Viper Archery Products. It is a durable CNC machined 6061 T6 Aluminum construction. Also, it incorporates stainless-steel hardware for extra priority. Featuring a 019 yardage fiber optic indicator for excellent visibility. 

It is an ideal bow sight for long-distance. Further, Viper archery sidewinder single pin bow sight is designed with 2nd adjustment superior smooth Delrin bushings. No need for any tools to adjust windage and elevation positions in place.

In general, it assures an open view that naturally draws your sight to the target.  

It comes with 2” sight housing for the competition of hunting. That’s why anyone ‘archer’ can setup easily between target and hunting. It also includes a threaded lens kit that accepts most of the sight lights. 

8. Br &Nameinternal Spot-Hogg Fast Eddie XL One Pin Bow Sight

Br &Nameinternal Spot-Hogg Fast Eddie XL Sight Single Pin 019 RH

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty 6061 aluminum construction
  • Micro-adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis
  • Ideal for longer distance 
  • 1 5/8 inside 2″ outside window
  • Reduce vibration
  • High performance and lightweight 

Spot-Hogg is an American best manufacturing company, produces high-quality bow sights.  This premium quality single pin bow sight is one of them. It is heavy-duty 6061 aluminum construction. Even though this versatile bow sight is mainly engineered for right-hand but you can use it for both right or left hand. It is a user-friendly lightweight bow site that ensures improved accuracy. 

It is equipped with high-quality fiber optic yardage indicators that improve visibility in extreme provisions. It comes with micro-adjust 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment, so you will be able to adjust the brightness to fit the lighting, dusk, and dawn. Due to adjustment screw, it doesn’t require tools to adjust pin to the optimal location precisely. 

This bow sight is improved last by the latest technology. One of the most important things is that you will be able to make corrections instantly. It also has sight tape that can go out to 100 yards. 

9. Axion Shift Single Pin Sight

Axion Shift Single Pin Sight

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of advanced-quality materials
  • Lightweight but extremely durable
  • Incorporated a high-configure light
  • Perfect for the beginner bowmen
  • Adaptable lens 
  • Easy to operate 

Axion is high-performance .019” fiber optic pins bow sight. It is orientated left or right, up, down, and is lens adaptable. It has direct mounting positions, so that’s helpful depending on how far you generally like. In my view, this is the best, I prefer it perfectly for all about youth hunting in the outdoors. 

This unique design single moving pin fundamentally draws the target.

It is especially highlighted for the right hand.  Another feature is micro-adjustable and no need tools. This wonderful shape best single pin sight comes with a light that helps to target while shooting.     

Owing to rubberized coating it doesn’t make vibration when using for a specific target. It allows you to shoot long distances perfectly. Basically, I am really impressed by its functionality. In addition, it is very easy to use and lightweight also.   

10. Black Gold Single Pin Bow Sights

Black Gold Single Pin Bow Sights

Highlighted Features:

  • Premium quality material construction 
  • Comes with the splined vertical drive gear 
  • 80% tougher PhotoChromatic shell
  • More adjustable capacity than traditional sights
  • Incorporates a new 45° faceplate
  • Perfect for right-handed archers

The black Gold single pin bow sight is a perfect weapon for both beginners and expert amateurs. It’s made from high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting. This is multifunctional and developed by the photochromic shell. It doesn’t make noise while using it to fulfill your target. With this single pin bow sight, you can change easily the pin size that fits your needs.

The newest version of the sight has first axis adjustment on the solid mount. Moreover, you can adjust the indicator pin up and down so if you change your setup at all or something change with your bow. You don’t have to actually rip off that sight so you can easily adjust the pin. 

Sliding mechanism right here black old calls this the dial of death knob. Even though it doesn’t have micro-adjust features but standard. It is also great for target shooting, hunting.

What to Consider Before Buying Single Pin Bow Sights

  • Bow Sight 

Each of the bow sight pins comprises uncommon features based on the preferences of the user and some of these features have adjustability, fiber optic, and yardage. So, remember that the kind of features or the activities you dreamed of carrying out with the device prior to purchasing it for you to be able to determine the characteristics to search for the time to buy the pin.

  • Material Used

The place that you normally hunt at will tells you the kind of the pin to buy. Some of the pins consist of stainless steel and aluminum material to the extent that one can use it in various kinds of weather situations without bothering that the device will rust.

  • Light

The light in the bow pin sight will let you know the accuracy and view that you will get. Most of the pin sights are made with light adjustment features such as the optical fibers that enhance one to adjust the sight based on the area you are targeting. Therefore, if you are familiar with hunting in the dark areas, concentrate on the light level that the device is offering.

  • Easy to Use

It is not necessary that you keep referring to the user manual in order to learn how to mount or use the pin. If you want to avoid this, purchase a gadget that is easy to use and work with. After putting all these into consideration, you can then proceed with the type of bow sight you prefer to purchase.

How To Adjust Single Pin Bow Sights

Final Verdict:

I hope our guide will help you to choose the best single pin bow sight for hunting. Trophy Ridge React One Pro 1 Pin Bow Sight is the model that will be perfect for beginner hunters. If you are looking for a premium-quality bow sight, APEX GEAR Covert 1-Pin Bow Sight is obviously the best option. If you have queries, do not forget to let us know.