How To Aim A Compound Bow Without A Peep Sight

A compound bow makes use of a set of pulleys so as to propel your arrow to a target quicker when compared to the traditional bow. The key to the success of using a compound bow is for you to aim correctly. Luckily, a compound bow is designed with a manual that can assist you with your aiming.

Peep SightIf you want to aim a compound bow, begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and then draw the arrow in your bow towards your face. Then, close one eye and look through the peep sight ring which is on the bowsights and the forward sight ring which is as well on the bow’s front.

Now, line up the target with one of the pins in the rings and release your arrow. But if you are to know how to aim a compound without a peep sight, then you need to know what peep is all about and all it entails. This will be discussed further below.

How To Aim A Compound Bow Without A Peep Sight

Peep sights have been in existence for a long period of years and are used by almost all shooters and archers out there to date.

Meanwhile, what many shooters and archers are ignorant of is that ignoring the fact that peep sight and learning how you can shoot your bow without using it can easily boost your accuracy and consistency in your shots within a short period of time.

If you are presently using peep sight or you have used it before in the past, you need to know some negativity about it. This will enable you to know the pros and cons of peep sights.

  • Twisting

Peep sights are popularly known but yet unfavorable for twisting and moving positions on the string. This is a great problem for those at full draw and will not be able to see through your peep sight.

  • Hole Blocked

You will discover that with the peep sight, after traveling via the bush or when there is light rain, the hold can become blocked by the drops of the rain, sticks, dirt, and anything you may experience when hunting. This can leave you fighting or struggling to see your target or spend much time to strive in clearing the blockage.

  • Minimized Visibility

As a result f the small hole and design of most peeps, the quantity of the light allowed through the peep sight could be very strict. But this at the same time could help minimize your visibility most especially in the early morning or evening when there is less brightness.

These are just a few of the more popular challenges that shooters or archers usually encounter with a peep sight. Meanwhile, shooting without a peep sight takes all these cons away and when you have discovered how to shoot without peep sight, you will find out that your consistency and accuracy will improve.

How to Shoot without a Peep Sight

When you shoot your bow without using a peep sight, you will get used to it because the concept is very simple. The principal key of how to aim in shooting a bow without a peep sight is your anchor points. Normally, it is recommended to have two anchor points which you can hit at all times whenever you draw your bow.

Literally, this is the greatest and most imperative aspect of shooting your bow without a peep. Next time when you draw the bow, you will find out that the string will be in your sight line and this is absolutely normal.

The reason is that what you need to do is simply tilt your head a bit to the left or right as this will enable you to see your pins on the right or left side of the string.

That is all it takes to shoot without a peep sight more so that if you are able to sight your bow in and shoot your bow with the same anchor points at all times and looking at the same side of the string at all times, by so doing; you will be able to shoot without a peep sight perfectly.