How To Use A Bow Sight Recurve

The views of recurved arches are increasingly popular at in archery.

The correct installation of a view in your arc can make a big difference in precision shooting.

The three main types of views for the arched arches are the view of the pencil, the view of the ring and the combination of ring and pin.

Each of these views is attached to the arch in the same way, though each requires a different method of adaptation to find the correct shot depth.

Place your page sheet on the side of the sheet on which you are installing the view up.

Orient the view to the front of the arch and align the holes in the scope with the holes in your vertical tube.

Using a screwdriver or Allen key, screw the screws through the sight glass and into the vertical tube, depending on the type of screwdriver supplied with the riflescope, until they grip the scope. Do not fully tighten yet.

Lay your rope horizontally on the bow of your bow to make sure your bow is level. Use the plane by adding support material to the bottom of the arch.

Remove the string from your bow, being very careful not to move the bow. Place your layer in the view and adjust the view until it is even. Tighten the screws on the vertical tube.

Adjust the telescope frame of your view so that your eyesight can not strain when you see the bow.

Place an arrow on the line from which you shoot arrows and watch the arrow down to make sure it is not touched by your sight.

Necessary things:

  • chain plane
  • Allen key
  • screwdriver


  • The installation of a sheet is usually done while the sheet is threaded.


  • The installation of a peephole must be carried out by a specialist.

Using the Sight