5 Best Peep Sight For Compound Bow Reviews

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The peep sight is a small but very essential device for hunters who want to get the precision view. If you are looking for the best peep sight for compound bow, you are here in the right place. We assume you know how important it is to have a perfect peep sight.

With a lot of options, you can get overwhelmed to choose the perfect one for your compound bow. For your convenience, we are going to review the 5 best peep sight for a compound bow.

The List Of 5 Best Peep Sights For Compound Bow Reviews

After 120 hours of successful research, we’ve compiled 5 best peep sights for a compound bow.

Premium Choice: Quick Sight Elite – A Revolutionary Peep Sight for Compound Bows is our premium choice. The model has some extra-ordinary features. That’s why it is our favorite. You can pick this peep sight for your compound bow.

1. G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight


  • It is a premium-quality peep sight.
  • Made out of high-grade 7000 aluminum.
  • It features a non-reflective coating.
  • It also features the patented convex interior.
  • It offers an extra edge owing to its fixed aperture.
  • Available in a variety of colors.

The G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight is a top-rated peep sight. It is made up of high-grade 7000 aluminum. It comes with a heap of impressive features.

One of the best things is that it will protect you from the unnecessary glare of light or the UV rays from the sun owing to its non-reflective coating. The peep sight is also featured with a patented convex interior that improves your field of view in low light conditions. Regardless of the angle, you are looking through, it makes sure a perfect circle.

The string interfaces with a narrower surface area owing to its convex string groove that reduces string wear outstandingly. During archery practice or hunting, the model provides an extra edge due to its fixed aperture. This model avails in a variety of colors, so you can match with your bow as you want. 

2. Quick Sight Elite – A Revolutionary Peep Sight for Compound Bows


  • Made in the USA.
  • The Quick Sight Elite Peep Sight makes sure optimum accuracy.
  • It also ensures tighter arrow groupings.
  • It incorporates stainless-steel hardware.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Compact and lightweight.

Quick sight comes with a newer and smarter version of a string peep, with which the end-user makes adjustments depending on their needs. The Quick Sight Elite doesn’t insert the peep within the bowstring. It is simply attached to the string. The important thing is that it doesn’t require any bow press in order to adjust the alignment based on the needs of users. In this expanded view you can adapt your individual shooting style. Fixed peep-style string sights are locked in place where twist and/or rope resistance can affect accuracy.

It is extremely lightweight, it weighs less than a gram. One of the important things is that you can install this peep sight within a few moments, and you can adjust it quickly and effectively. The model has a unique status that is the oval sight port. This oval sight port can be an elaborate circle at full draw. More importantly, the port can enhance the view of the forward pin as well as the target.

The model features easy adjustments that are locked in place with durable screws. Apart from that, the position of its sight port is similar to an in-string peep. Both the left or right-hand hunters can utilize this peep sight as it weighs less than 1 gram. 

By using a small Phillips screwdriver, you can get the optimal results with this great peep sight.  The sight can be locked to string with 2 small spikes. You can tighten the spikes with screws. Then the spikes won’t hurt the string anyway. Most importantly, the peep sight incorporates high-quality hardware for quick and efficient adjustments.

3. IronBuddy Compound Bow Peep Sights


  • The IronBuddy Peep Sight features top-quality aluminum alloy construction.
  • It is extremely durable and reliable.
  • The model comes up with a 37° peep sight.
  • The package also includes three pieces of the inner core and a hex wrench.
  • Most suitable for compound bow sight.
  • Improves shooting accuracy.
  • Completely safe to use.

The IronBuddy Compound Bow Peep Sight is a premium-quality peep sight. The peep sight is made up of top-quality aluminum alloy that makes it outstandingly durable. The aluminum construction makes it lightweight. The IronBuddy Peep Sight package incorporates 1-pcs 37° peep sight, 3-pieces of the inner core (1/16”, 3/32”, ⅛”). Apart from those, it comes up with a hex wrench. This decent peep sight is perfect for compound bow sights. It incredibly improves your shooting accuracy. Most importantly, it is completely safe to use.

4. CUTICATE 5pc Black Aluminium 3/16″ Compound Bow Peep Sight


  • Boasts of durable design and construction.
  • The set incorporates 5 durable and reliable peep sights.
  • These are made from advanced quality materials.
  • It comes up with the angled design.
  • The bow sight helps to enhance your shooting skills.
  • Best for a compound bow.

The CUTICATE comes with a reliable set of a compound bow peep sight. The set incorporates 5 pieces of 3/16” peep sight. These peep sights are made up of premium-quality aluminum. The peep sight features a natural anodized surface. It features an angled design. More importantly, the set includes top-quality and brand new peep sights. These are the most suitable for compound bow sight. With this peep sight, you can amazingly increase your shooting accuracy.

5. MILAEM Archery 37/45 Degree Hooded Peep Sight for Compound Bow


  • Made up of premium-quality aluminum with durable design and construction.
  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • It can be set either 37° or 45°.
  • It is available with the inside part sizes: 1/16”, 3/16”, and 1⁄8″.
  • It offers a great view.
  • It helps to shoot with more precision.
  • It can be used safely on your compound bow.

The MILAEM Archery Hooded Peep Sight is one of the best models in our list. This hooded peep sight is manufactured with high-quality aluminum alloy that makes it lightweight and durable. The aluminum construction also makes sure that your bow is not damaged.

The peep sight can be set at either 37 or 45 degrees with the inner core sizes, measuring 1/16”, 3/16”, and 1⁄8″. Apart from that, the peep sight will offer you a better view. You can also make an accurate shot with this great peep sight. 

This peep sight is engineered to support any types of clarifiers, verifiers, and super peep apertures. Most importantly, the peep sight is mainly suitable for compound bow and it is safe to use.

Final Verdict:

Hope this guide will help you to take a right decision. All the products listed above are top-rated on the market. However, Quick Sight Elite – A Revolutionary Peep Sight for Compound Bows is our premium choice. If you want to pick a single peep sight, this would be the best option for you. IronBuddy Compound Bow Peep Sight is also a great option. If you have any queries and suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know. 

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